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Please note that if choosing the second option, you cannot have any single-user eBooks in your account.

Access Methods

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A common user account can be used to login to the school's eBook Library to access all of the school's eBook subscriptions. Multiple user accounts can be configured. *Please note that common user accounts do not have any admin privileges.
If we add your school’s IP address to your account, users who access your eBook Library from the school's building will automatically be logged in and will not have to enter a username and password. This is a great option for schools that have eBook links available online, but not on a password-protected site. *Please note that IP authentication is not an access option for schools in districts that use a shared public IP address and IP authentication does not work remotely (from home).
If your school has a secure password-protected site, we can put the URL of your site on our list of approved URLs, and any time a user clicks on an eBook link from your site (regardless of whether they are at school or at home) they will be automatically logged in. *Please note that the referring URL must be a password-protected site that is accessible only by students that attend your school building or patrons of your library branch. Our books are sold as a site-license and cannot be accessed by other schools in your district.
Your students can login to CPI.Digital using their Google account if your school uses email addresses with G-Suite or Google Classroom. This option allows students to fully login to CPI.Digital without having to use a new username/password combination. Each school can be configured with one or more email domains, to provide CPI.Digital login capabilities to all users.

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